get to know me

I write to self-medicate.

I drink, too. But when I write, I wield the power to name my own demons, be it to summon or to exorcise them.

The world as we experience it is inhabited by language, animated by grammar and feeling. I feel what I cannot yet express; I see what I cannot yet name. The world is rich with opportunity, strife, and nuance. It is a world manifest and manifold, standing ready to receive whoever will turn to it in joy.

But the world is as choleric as it is enchanting. It begs to be written, demands to be made definite, and flits away just as I reach to seize it.

And so I don’t promise good writing, only honesty. Honesty is all I have to offer, and I hope it is enough. I write, with Flannery O’Connor, to discover what I think.

With that said, here are the things I love and struggle with and will be writing about here:

  • The intersection of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox theology. I was raised Catholic, converted to Orthodoxy in a historically Russian OCA parish, and have reverted. Long story. You can read it here if you’d like.
  • “Leftist” conservatism. I’m basically just making things up at this point, but I’m also drawing from James, Kirk, Rorty, Plato, Heidegger, MacIntyre, Buber, de Chardin, Aristotle, Arendt, Eliot, and others I am inevitably forgetting. Manifesto here.
  • Pragmatic philosophy. Love it. Will never give it up.
  • Mental health and mental health awareness. Mine’s not good and this places me in the majority. We’re all messed up, some of us pretty badly. The least we can do is help each other figure out how to heal.
  • Embodiment in the Church, particularly formulations of purity and modesty and taboos around sexuality in religious circles. I am pro-tattoo, pro-piercing, pro-body, pro-body discourse. This does not mean I am morally progressive; it just means I work hard to recognize that we are embodied, that our bodies are inescapably sexual and appetitive, and that any substantive articulation of virtue must embrace and integrate the rational and animal.
  • My life! I live in a trailer park with a hedgehog and an ever-growing patch of ambitious, anarchic strawberries. I work at a screen printing shop now. I studied politics, philosophy, and journalism originally, but became suicidal at the end of a year working a quasi-political job. Quit it to work as a wrangler for a couple seasons in Montana and Wyoming, then came back east to the Appalachian mountains and settled down. I’m alive and I’m learning and even when it’s really hard, it’s still good.
  • My interests: anime, science fiction, fantasy, virtue ethics, gardening (especially flowers and berries), morbid t-shirts and pins, phenomenology, poetry, roller derby, heresy, cults, philosophical pragmatism, sacramental theology, traditionalist politics and conservative political history, campy horror movies, all things 80’s, the gonzo ethos, feminism, personality typology (5w4/INFJ-T here), etc.