from Jackson, Wyoming

Two days ago, I watched snow settle onto golden aspen leaves, melt, and drop in its new form onto the window pane. I was inside Glacier National Park. The bunkhouse was quiet for the first time since we moved in. I was already mourning the end of the season, the end of a self. Once…Read more from Jackson, Wyoming


Love and Commun[icat]ion

I open onto a new world in you, with you, through you -- poetically, I dwell in your earth, tied now to myself and then to you, gathering and twining in a shared life, a life same because ripe with the same intent: to live, to defy, and to follow the words of another’s world,…Read more Love and Commun[icat]ion

Beginning with an Apocalypse

A brief introductory note: I've decided to begin writing here. Publicly, intentionally writing, with an eye toward beginning conversation. The blog will be autobiographical, but hopefully not effusive or spectacular. My own confusion is all I can offer, but I must, as I sense through many conversations with peers and colleagues that it is not…Read more Beginning with an Apocalypse